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Before you read these beautiful words of love for me and Solarum, I must share with you what a great honor it is for me to connect with such Magnificent BEings. Each one of these beloveds who share their words of love and appreciation here is held in a very special space in my heart.

I love you ~ I appreciate you ~ and I joyfully anticipate What’s Next!

Why we love Solarum and Udana...

An absolute, never-ceasing, stream of utter love, caring and benevolence.
The clarity I have received has truly been life-changing. I am appreciative beyond words to have connected with Solarum.
Such love… such joy… wow. Udana is a true, true treasure.


Minneapolis, MN

Dear Steffi,

I have known you since before your beginnings with Solarum and still remember the day when Solarum, then Aaron, and I had our first interaction. It was inexplicable honour for me. Today I know why…
After all our interactions, I am in awe. I am in awe of the pure Love and intelligence flowing through you. I just cannot find the words to express how I feel. That is why it has taken me a while to write a fresh testimonial for you.

The best way to put it is Solarum truly sees Me. And when someone truly sees you, you know with every fiber of your being how much they love you…Everything is possible with a love like that! Thank you, thank you!

Natasa Martcic

Slovenia / Canada

My feelings and my gratitude for having made a connection with both Udana and Solarum run so deep it is difficult to put into words.

I have done a skype group, a private session(in person) and an “in person” group channeling. They just FLOW love and truth out to you in such a palpable way that you cannot help but be changed by it. It is just a gigantic gift to have found them.

Every time I have had any interaction with them I have FELT a shift, an expansion and a vibration of love in a really fun and joyful way though I have often wept as a certain truth has struck me in a profound way. And it does not stop when the session is over. When you hear Udana’s story of how Solarum started coming to her and her attempt to stop it in the beginning- it all just rings with authenticity and truth.

I KNOW they are helping me rise up to embrace a fully realized form of myself, to love myself, to know my worth, to have fun with it all to be in my joy whenever I possibly can. And when we can embrace that, then we get to be a sign and a light and inspiration for others-and the ripple just never ends.

Kristin Clark

Nashville, TN

I love connecting with Solarum. I feel a huge love wave washing over me every time we connect. Infite love at its best.

Since I started my sessions with Solarum and Udana, my life has taken an amazing, magical and almost unbelievable positive turn. I love where I am and where I am going, and Solarum’s connection only brings confirmation of the unlimited potential I know I was born with. I feel blessed for having access to so much love, wisdom and joy through Udana and Solarum.

Isabel Morales

Montreal, Canada

Solarum is such loving energy. A truly joyful being. I am so happy I attracted this experience to me. I appreciate the willingness of Udana to share the wisdom of Solarum with me and so many others. All is well for sure. Georgie Norene

Minneapolis, MN

You’ve really really been a tuning fork, the solid ground, the light in the dark for me in the past!!!! And still I resonate so much and I’m so thrilled with what’s coming next every time!!

I love you!

Linn Nedergård

Aneby, Sweden

Generationally and energetically you bring so much more as a conduit than anyone out here today.

You are needed!

Nicole Holmes

Chicago, IL, USA

I entered in to my interaction with Solarum with great excitement and expectation. And I experienced a connection with the innermost part of me. A part that spoke to me with such love and kindness and warmth, that my heart just overflowed. It was a beautiful feeling of “coming home”, of “recognizing”. And yet it was also a playful, joyous and sweet encounter.

I gained a sense of the pureness and rightness of my upcoming expansion .. and also some most practical ways to more fully experience the “oneness” with people I come in contact with. And also sweet and pure was my connection with Udana. When she told me that she felt Solarum hug me, it brought amazed tears to my eyes. I feel much love for both Solarum and Udana and adore that I was allowed to play in their playground for awhile!

Nancy Nash

Vineyard Haven, MA

I sank into Solarum’s warmth immediately. I know that it is because of the personal warmth of their messenger, Udana.

Udana’s voice as she expresses their love is so soothing, it melted my resistance away.  I felt safe, known and understood in a way I had not ever experienced before. They reflected to me desires that I had not even dared speak aloud and I was blown away!

Their message of self-love feels so light and gentle, and is enormously powerful! It was expressed to me in a way that I could hear from where I was. My resonance with their message grows deliciously deeper with time. Thank you so much, Solarum and Udana for sharing your knowing with us!

Bev Poyerd

Hudson Valley, NY, USA

From the first time I heard Solarum coming through the voice of Udana, I knew I was connecting to divine intelligence. There is no mistaking the true tone of Love that I experience whenever I hear words or “vibrational answerings” through that voice.

Solarum always invites us (never tells us!) to first and foremost find ways to Love ourselves more: by finding fun ways to spend our time, making ourselves feel good by referring to our own list of “joy triggers”.

I have had the privilege of connecting to Solarum many times since then, and I always experience the thrill of knowing my true self better and better, my higher self, my inner being, reflected to me by Solarum’s eyes of pure love. I am learning to trust and believe in myself more as I see who I truly am, and the journey with them is exquisite. Thank you, Udana!

Sharon Agassi


Abe was certainly an important stepping stone for me. They lay down a perfect foundation so that I could sure up my beliefs and knowings on what is possible in my life. They had me dreaming big and wanting more.

Then there were all of the questions that arose from their conversations and gaps in understanding that I couldn’t get a hold of and feeling like I must be doing something wrong. A sense of disappointment arose from not having the perfect manifested life, even after listening to Abe for years and years.

And then, in stepped Solarum, emanating their love and eloquence, soothing me into more alignment. I’ve learnt that I have been doing everything right and it is a beautiful journey of unfolding that I am on. Because of them, I know with so much more assurance, who I am and the wonderful and magnificent gifts that I have to share with the world.

I’ve learnt that those with the big intentions often come here with the greatest obstacles to overcome.

I’ve learnt that all is in perfect order. I can feel the love and the clarity radiating from them and I am now quite firmly on a path of greatness.

I feel that Solarum is the answer for those of us that want more. For those of us, that in serving ourselves, are serving the entire Universe in profound and deliberate ways.

I so appreciate you, Stephanie, for being the brilliant conduit that you are and for this wonderful group and those that are coming, who are calling forth more and more.

To me, Solarum is the perfect guide that is here to gently coax and tease us out of our resistant shells, to step into our own shining radiance, to firmly anchor the masculine/ feminine balance on earth and to help to bring it and those around us into the brilliant knowing of who we are and what we are capable of…. that’s just my two cents worth anyway.

Christy Mantese

Byron Bay, Australia

I first met Udana around 2006/2007 in an Abraham forum group. She has always responded with such fierce love and even then I knew something special was unfolding in her life. I felt so strongly that I wanted to know this amazing woman. A few years later Udana invited me to an internet radio show where she and Solarum were taking questions. Oh the joy!!! There was such love and purity of answering that came through when I first heard them. To this day, the purity of love and answering has never faltered or changed and has always felt vibrantly authentic.

In the years following I have had the privilege to watch Udana blossom and feel the wonder of unconditional love from Solarum. I am truly blessed to have been present during her unfolding as a powerful creator and teacher. She is a wonderful friend and mentor.

Solarum has given me so much that I don’t know where to begin to describe how empowering my relationship with them has been. I am stronger, more loving, and more centered with their guidance and reminders of who I BE. I have learned to follow my path and anticipate the flow. They have helped me find the answers within myself as to the whys of my life, helped me connect better with my personal spiritual team, and helped me love myself. Oh that is the most joyous unfolding in my life. Loving me has been the greatest gift Solarum has given me. They have taught me to look for the fun and for the love and have offered processes to assist in the adventure. I am eternally grateful to Udana for her sharing of Solarum and to Solarum for their love and answering.

Karen Huff

Athens, TX, USA

You know when someone strikes a chord within you?  When there’s a “familiarity” created that you internally and instantly recognise?
That was my experience with Udana and Solarum.  The advice / information that I was gifted during our sharing resonated so very much with the “real me” that I know inside – the “me” that not everyone gets to meet!!  You know that part – it touched the heart of me, spoke to the soul of me if you will.

So if you seek clarity about anything in your life – here is a portal for you – Solarum.  “Ask and ye shall receive” – but you have to step forward and do the asking!!

George S Mycroft

Lascassas, TN, USA

The experience with Solarum was powerful.  The simple wisdom brought forth through your connection was beautifully articulate and “spot on”.  I was deeply touched by the joy of expression in the way that the message came.  It was loving, fun and so perfectly aligned with my journey.
Having worked in the energy field for over 15 years I am very sensitive to the messages brought by Spirit and I felt such great wisdom in your presentation.   I am so grateful to have had this time with you and Solarum.
You are a Light in this world and I am blessed to have you in my life!

Shira Hunt

Lascassas, TN, USA