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Eight years ago I was involved in running my own spiritually based business. I was serving as a Life Coach and I had been trained with a spiritual focus on how to run this business. It was all in complete alignment for me and I enjoyed all aspects of the business.

Then, at the beginning of 2009, I realized that I was being called in a different direction. I wasn’t sure of the specifics of this call (I thought maybe I would be writing) but I knew that I was called to release the Life Coach business to be Open to what was coming.

Nine months later a connection to Solarum revealed to me and through me. My journey after this revelation felt like a deeply personal one. It’s been a journey of tuning in to greater understanding and alignment. Maybe you find yourself on a similar journey seeking understanding and alignment as you have recognized spiritual gifts in your own life.

I have come to realize that the nature of my gifts and my journey is to share and to shine light for others on their own journeys. So, although it feels deeply personal to me, I believe much of it is meant to be shared. We are not alone. We are all one who is plural.

The most recent turn on my path has been to more clearly be Available to share Solarum with those who find resonance with them. I have felt some resistance to the paths that have been paved by others, but I cannot deny Solarum’s call to step forward to greater visibility and availability.

Recently, I found an easy opportunity to become more Legally connected to the name Udana, by filing as a “business.”

So now, weaving my magical world into the muggle world, I am exchanging energy and doing business as: Udana, Inspired Utterances.

It feels good to me to step more fully into this knowing of myself, and presenting of myself, as Udana.

*The name Udana was revealed as mine at the beginning of 2012 when I was making a move from Minnesota to Tennessee, and I chose to claim it as my own almost 3 years later. I speak a bit about this and much more in this recorded interview. You are invited to listen in as I share more personally about my journey and connection to Solarum.balcony_video2