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FlyWhat’s possible when you begin to enter sleep with an invocation or affirmation like this one that Solarum shared:

“I know that I am entering this other realm of possibility.
As I leave my body to sleep, I am entering this other realm of possibility and I have such great appreciation for the magic that this feels like in my experience,
this magic of knowing that I am interacting beyond my daytime waking experiences,
that I am expanding on who I be even as I sleep,
that I am connected with more of who I be even as I sleep.”

I rediscovered this older quote from Solarum and when I shared it, one of my friends picked up on this part and felt called to record it on her phone so that she could listen to it before sleep. Inspired to act upon it myself, I wrote it in the front cover of a beautiful journal that I keep by my bed to read as I am ready to drift off.

I think that so often I listen back and hear Solarum’s message, and it may resonate deeply, but unless I put it into action in my life the possibility may stay dormant.

I have been very aware lately of the times that I DO put their message into action,
or that I notice someone else put their message into action,
bringing it into focus, allowing it to unfold into the living of life…
and the seeming magic that ensues.

Maybe action will be another aspect of this blog: Playing with some of the messages and the processes from Solarum and finding evidence of what’s possible.

Let’s Play! ~Udana