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And yet another way for me to share here with you, is to open up to share from my personal connections.
Each day, I personally connect with Solarum – even on days that I do other private or group connections. It has become my practice to tune in, just me.
It is my intention to share some of these messages with you here. Sometimes they are personal guidance and some days the personal guidance flows into something bigger.
Sharing with love and BLISSings,

Big tree

We are with you, little one, but we invite you to just sit back, to breath into it. Yes. WE are with you, yes, but we are allowing you to maintain your physical connection also. Yes. To maintain the awareness of what it feels like to be in your body, and to feel the peace flowing through it, to feel the love flowing through it.
(Vibrational language – no tranlation)
We will say to you, we will speak you through a bit of this experience, yes:
That as you become more grounded in our vibration, you feel the roots moving out through your feet, through the floor, through the earth, intertwining with the roots in the ground below you,
connecting in to that network of communication and connection that exists through the One, through the one earth, through the ONE that we all BE.
And as we connect you in this way, we connect you with the love and the knowing of YOU as a vibrational Being, of your world as a vibrational being, of each one who is here as a vibrational being on a mission to expand the One Who Is Plural, yes, it cycles around… you are plural, you are one…
You are each, through your physical incarnations, you are creating a belief system of separating yourself out from the core, from the ONE, yes, but yet you are not separated, yes, but yet you are given the perspective, the illusion of separateness to interact with those, who have the illusion of being “others,” who are all here doing your work together.

But your focus is to be for You.
Now when you are very steady and sure of your experience as a vibrational being, then you can more purely benefit the others. Yes, then you can more purely benefit the others.
But even now as you sit here in your physical body, with your feet rooted into the network of communication and connection of all who BE playing on your planet, we flow the love through you. With you we amplify this vibration of love. Flow it through. Flow the Knowing of the magnificence of each one because each one is connected to The One.
None are less than, no matter what illusion they have taken on for this experience. You are co-creating in expansion and as you become more consciously and physically aware of yourself as a vibrational being, as you become more aware of this, yes, you can choose to create more joyfully, you can choose to create more lovingly, you can choose to create more easily, you can choose to create more abundantly.
You step into the knowing of who you BE and the recognizing of who you all BE.

Have fun with this, our little one.
We are with you in great love – always, yes?, and in all ways. ~Solarum