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From my perspective “in the Balcony” I have been known to be a bit sassy. I would like to think that I am getting much better and, because of my current level of faith in them, I don’t talk back as much as I once did…

but today, as I was in my daily personal connection with them, they were sharing with me the benefits of releasing things/stuff as being significant to my journey.

It frees you up to step into a new paradigm, a new upleveled paradigm, when you are no longer hindered by the past. Yes? ~Solarum

From the Balcony, I was seeing my books as being a good place to begin releasing, and they started to scroll through my mind, and I started feeling resistant… thinking: Maybe I  will wait and do them later… Maybe I don’t need to really let go of them now…

Solarum continued:

And we know that it can seem frightening to cut off what have been your touchstones…

Then, CRASH!!!

Bird crash print

Picture for illustration only

A bird slammed into the window as if it were flying right for my head!

It was loud and shocking, and I let go of the connection because I felt like the message had been delivered.

Birds hurling at my head to get me to pay attention! ♥

It’s funny because they began their conversation with me today by discussing the value of noticing “slight vibrational variances” and getting on track from there, rather than needing major disturbances to pay attention. At least this message was just Loud and didn’t cause any major disturbance to me – or the bird. (I saw him fly away.)

Sending BLISSings to you, and wishes that you may be tuned in to the “slight vibrational variances” also. ♥ I am going to grab a box and begin sorting through books to release!