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Sometimes, it takes me a while to go back and transcribe all of my personal connections with Solarum. This one was from June, but I am sharing it here for the love of it.


“We say to you, our little one, you do not need to know the details of how everything will unfold.
That is not how we operate. You recognize that.
YOU ARE in charge, in choice of your vibration – and thus, of your experience.
You choose your experience and you realize this, yes?
There are many who do not realize this. There are many who have been introduced to this but cannot fully accept it into their physical experience yet.
Their physical experience seems much more REAL to them, as, quite often, it does for you too. Yes.
This is part of the journey. This is part of the evolution. (…)
This is a part of the Evolution of those of you in physical to begin to equate reality more fully with the vibrational being that you BE as you are playing in a physical vehicle.

All is so very well. And you DO have choice of perspective. Yes. You do have choice of perspective and it will line up with your vibration – and this is why it is important for you, for your joyful experience, for you to be Mindful about aligning with Joy, aligning with Love, aligning with Appreciation, focusing on that which feels good to you, recognizing that which does NOT feel good to you, acknowledging that and choosing something different.

All is working out well for you.
We will say to you that each one of you in physical has access to the energy of the One that you all Be. YES. Yes, you all have access to the same power. Some of you understand that more fully than others. Yes. And some of you are growing and blossoming into understanding more throughout your experience.

We will say that each one of you has blueprints coming into this, yes. Many of you have chosen big experiences, yes, in the creation of your blueprints. But, very often, in your physical experience, it is hard for you to step into the biggest possible role that presents itself for you.

Be loving in your thoughts of those who choose to step forward into roles that affect you all.
And be encouraging, yes, vibrationally and through soul conversation, be encouraging of those who may be hesitant when you see that there is an opening.

Love is the only thing that benefits any of you here.
It comes down to love because love is a more full expression of Who You Truly Be; It is a more full expression of who WE BE. We are you. There is no separation other than that little physical vehicle that you have tucked yourself into for this game.

We are with you in great love, our dear one, always and in all ways.” ~Solarum