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Connection in Progress

In a recent conversation in our Treehouse group on facebook a friend asked me about my personal – just me – Connections with Solarum.

How does this actually work?
Do you have questions you ask before you bring them in? or do they just pop in and start talking?

When I first received this question I dove deep within myself for understanding, going over my journey and all of the expansion in understanding through the years…
but, as I begin to write about it, I realize it is actually very simple:

I sit to record and I clear myself by speaking my thoughts, questions, and intentions. Sometimes there are tears and sobs, and sometimes I just kind of ramble… but I open up and let out my emotions and what is in my thinking mind.

This process is my invitation to Solarum. They have never spoken through me without my opening to them, although they have spoken “to me” to get my attention at times.

Solarum ConnectionMy loving relationship with them has grown and evolved as I trust and believe more fully now than in those early days… meaning:
There is much less struggle from me to allow through their personal messages now.

I love having the questions and connections with others to draw through Solarum’s Energy with ease, but this opening to allow them through when it is “just me” – this has provided me with nourishment for my soul, tips for how to actively live in greater alignment, and guidance for how to better serve those who find resonance with Solarum – guidance for serving those on their own path of Enlightenment, of Remembering who they truly BE.

These personal connections have offered me important lessons on Self-Love and moving beyond false limits – and while I feel that they are deeply personal, I have come to realize that they are Universal Messages from a loving Source to the tender core within us all.