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Solarum, June 2016

Solarum, June 2016

It is late at night here, but I just finished transcribing my personal connection with Solarum from yesterday and feel inspired to share.

Going into yesterday’s connection I had no agenda. I was feeling appreciation for my personal experiences and went in with no questions.

Solarum tapped into a larger asking, though, and brought through a beautiful message of love and empowerment as so many in our world have felt the pain and sadness of the mass shooting in Orlando the other day.

I share the recording here, for you, with love.
*If you have not listened to Solarum before, they do enter with a vibrational language and song most often.*

A quote from this message:

When you tune in to the information that is coming to you from the Infinite, from your Source of Love, Everything changes for you. Yes.
Just moments in tune with the vibration of your Source can help shift your vibration: moments walking in nature, appreciating, blessing, loving… can shift your experience.

This leads you to clear your vibration more, yes, to stand in love and knowing that each one of you are connected to a Source of Love.
And when you seek out that love, when you seek out the vibrations where you are able to recognize those who are loving,
where you are able to recognize those who are helping…
when you seek this out,
when you consciously choose to raise your vibration,
when you consciously choose to draw your focus to your connection and to your flow of love,
you help to shift the vibration of your planet – yes:
You help to shift the vibration of your planet. ~Solarum