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Sharing her unique view of life in connection with spirit…

Love and Access to the Power of the One

Love and Access to the Power of the One

Sometimes, it takes me a while to go back and transcribe all of my personal connections with Solarum. This one was from June, but I am sharing it here for the love of it.


“We say to you, our little one, you do not need to know the details of how everything will unfold.
That is not how we operate. You recognize that.
YOU ARE in charge, in choice of your vibration – and thus, of your experience.
You choose your experience and you realize this, yes?
There are many who do not realize this. There are many who have been introduced to this but cannot fully accept it into their physical experience yet.
Their physical experience seems much more REAL to them, as, quite often, it does for you too. Yes.
This is part of the journey. This is part of the evolution. (…)
This is a part of the Evolution of those of you in physical to begin to equate reality more fully with the vibrational being that you BE as you are playing in a physical vehicle.

All is so very well. And you DO have choice of perspective. Yes. You do have choice of perspective and it will line up with your vibration – and this is why it is important for you, for your joyful experience, for you to be Mindful about aligning with Joy, aligning with Love, aligning with Appreciation, focusing on that which feels good to you, recognizing that which does NOT feel good to you, acknowledging that and choosing something different.

All is working out well for you.
We will say to you that each one of you in physical has access to the energy of the One that you all Be. YES. Yes, you all have access to the same power. Some of you understand that more fully than others. Yes. And some of you are growing and blossoming into understanding more throughout your experience.

We will say that each one of you has blueprints coming into this, yes. Many of you have chosen big experiences, yes, in the creation of your blueprints. But, very often, in your physical experience, it is hard for you to step into the biggest possible role that presents itself for you.

Be loving in your thoughts of those who choose to step forward into roles that affect you all.
And be encouraging, yes, vibrationally and through soul conversation, be encouraging of those who may be hesitant when you see that there is an opening.

Love is the only thing that benefits any of you here.
It comes down to love because love is a more full expression of Who You Truly Be; It is a more full expression of who WE BE. We are you. There is no separation other than that little physical vehicle that you have tucked yourself into for this game.

We are with you in great love, our dear one, always and in all ways.” ~Solarum



Conscious choice for Love – following Orlando

Solarum, June 2016

Solarum, June 2016

It is late at night here, but I just finished transcribing my personal connection with Solarum from yesterday and feel inspired to share.

Going into yesterday’s connection I had no agenda. I was feeling appreciation for my personal experiences and went in with no questions.

Solarum tapped into a larger asking, though, and brought through a beautiful message of love and empowerment as so many in our world have felt the pain and sadness of the mass shooting in Orlando the other day.

I share the recording here, for you, with love.
*If you have not listened to Solarum before, they do enter with a vibrational language and song most often.*

A quote from this message:

When you tune in to the information that is coming to you from the Infinite, from your Source of Love, Everything changes for you. Yes.
Just moments in tune with the vibration of your Source can help shift your vibration: moments walking in nature, appreciating, blessing, loving… can shift your experience.

This leads you to clear your vibration more, yes, to stand in love and knowing that each one of you are connected to a Source of Love.
And when you seek out that love, when you seek out the vibrations where you are able to recognize those who are loving,
where you are able to recognize those who are helping…
when you seek this out,
when you consciously choose to raise your vibration,
when you consciously choose to draw your focus to your connection and to your flow of love,
you help to shift the vibration of your planet – yes:
You help to shift the vibration of your planet. ~Solarum



Just Me – How does it work?

Just Me – How does it work?

Connection in Progress

In a recent conversation in our Treehouse group on facebook a friend asked me about my personal – just me – Connections with Solarum.

How does this actually work?
Do you have questions you ask before you bring them in? or do they just pop in and start talking?

When I first received this question I dove deep within myself for understanding, going over my journey and all of the expansion in understanding through the years…
but, as I begin to write about it, I realize it is actually very simple:

I sit to record and I clear myself by speaking my thoughts, questions, and intentions. Sometimes there are tears and sobs, and sometimes I just kind of ramble… but I open up and let out my emotions and what is in my thinking mind.

This process is my invitation to Solarum. They have never spoken through me without my opening to them, although they have spoken “to me” to get my attention at times.

Solarum ConnectionMy loving relationship with them has grown and evolved as I trust and believe more fully now than in those early days… meaning:
There is much less struggle from me to allow through their personal messages now.

I love having the questions and connections with others to draw through Solarum’s Energy with ease, but this opening to allow them through when it is “just me” – this has provided me with nourishment for my soul, tips for how to actively live in greater alignment, and guidance for how to better serve those who find resonance with Solarum – guidance for serving those on their own path of Enlightenment, of Remembering who they truly BE.

These personal connections have offered me important lessons on Self-Love and moving beyond false limits – and while I feel that they are deeply personal, I have come to realize that they are Universal Messages from a loving Source to the tender core within us all.



Sharing a Personal Connection

And yet another way for me to share here with you, is to open up to share from my personal connections.
Each day, I personally connect with Solarum – even on days that I do other private or group connections. It has become my practice to tune in, just me.
It is my intention to share some of these messages with you here. Sometimes they are personal guidance and some days the personal guidance flows into something bigger.
Sharing with love and BLISSings,

Big tree

We are with you, little one, but we invite you to just sit back, to breath into it. Yes. WE are with you, yes, but we are allowing you to maintain your physical connection also. Yes. To maintain the awareness of what it feels like to be in your body, and to feel the peace flowing through it, to feel the love flowing through it.
(Vibrational language – no tranlation)
We will say to you, we will speak you through a bit of this experience, yes:
That as you become more grounded in our vibration, you feel the roots moving out through your feet, through the floor, through the earth, intertwining with the roots in the ground below you,
connecting in to that network of communication and connection that exists through the One, through the one earth, through the ONE that we all BE.
And as we connect you in this way, we connect you with the love and the knowing of YOU as a vibrational Being, of your world as a vibrational being, of each one who is here as a vibrational being on a mission to expand the One Who Is Plural, yes, it cycles around… you are plural, you are one…
You are each, through your physical incarnations, you are creating a belief system of separating yourself out from the core, from the ONE, yes, but yet you are not separated, yes, but yet you are given the perspective, the illusion of separateness to interact with those, who have the illusion of being “others,” who are all here doing your work together.

But your focus is to be for You.
Now when you are very steady and sure of your experience as a vibrational being, then you can more purely benefit the others. Yes, then you can more purely benefit the others.
But even now as you sit here in your physical body, with your feet rooted into the network of communication and connection of all who BE playing on your planet, we flow the love through you. With you we amplify this vibration of love. Flow it through. Flow the Knowing of the magnificence of each one because each one is connected to The One.
None are less than, no matter what illusion they have taken on for this experience. You are co-creating in expansion and as you become more consciously and physically aware of yourself as a vibrational being, as you become more aware of this, yes, you can choose to create more joyfully, you can choose to create more lovingly, you can choose to create more easily, you can choose to create more abundantly.
You step into the knowing of who you BE and the recognizing of who you all BE.

Have fun with this, our little one.
We are with you in great love – always, yes?, and in all ways. ~Solarum


Sleep Affirmation

FlyWhat’s possible when you begin to enter sleep with an invocation or affirmation like this one that Solarum shared:

“I know that I am entering this other realm of possibility.
As I leave my body to sleep, I am entering this other realm of possibility and I have such great appreciation for the magic that this feels like in my experience,
this magic of knowing that I am interacting beyond my daytime waking experiences,
that I am expanding on who I be even as I sleep,
that I am connected with more of who I be even as I sleep.”

I rediscovered this older quote from Solarum and when I shared it, one of my friends picked up on this part and felt called to record it on her phone so that she could listen to it before sleep. Inspired to act upon it myself, I wrote it in the front cover of a beautiful journal that I keep by my bed to read as I am ready to drift off.

I think that so often I listen back and hear Solarum’s message, and it may resonate deeply, but unless I put it into action in my life the possibility may stay dormant.

I have been very aware lately of the times that I DO put their message into action,
or that I notice someone else put their message into action,
bringing it into focus, allowing it to unfold into the living of life…
and the seeming magic that ensues.

Maybe action will be another aspect of this blog: Playing with some of the messages and the processes from Solarum and finding evidence of what’s possible.

Let’s Play! ~Udana


Step Forward

Eight years ago I was involved in running my own spiritually based business. I was serving as a Life Coach and I had been trained with a spiritual focus on how to run this business. It was all in complete alignment for me and I enjoyed all aspects of the business.

Then, at the beginning of 2009, I realized that I was being called in a different direction. I wasn’t sure of the specifics of this call (I thought maybe I would be writing) but I knew that I was called to release the Life Coach business to be Open to what was coming.

Nine months later a connection to Solarum revealed to me and through me. My journey after this revelation felt like a deeply personal one. It’s been a journey of tuning in to greater understanding and alignment. Maybe you find yourself on a similar journey seeking understanding and alignment as you have recognized spiritual gifts in your own life.

I have come to realize that the nature of my gifts and my journey is to share and to shine light for others on their own journeys. So, although it feels deeply personal to me, I believe much of it is meant to be shared. We are not alone. We are all one who is plural.

The most recent turn on my path has been to more clearly be Available to share Solarum with those who find resonance with them. I have felt some resistance to the paths that have been paved by others, but I cannot deny Solarum’s call to step forward to greater visibility and availability.

Recently, I found an easy opportunity to become more Legally connected to the name Udana, by filing as a “business.”

So now, weaving my magical world into the muggle world, I am exchanging energy and doing business as: Udana, Inspired Utterances.

It feels good to me to step more fully into this knowing of myself, and presenting of myself, as Udana.

*The name Udana was revealed as mine at the beginning of 2012 when I was making a move from Minnesota to Tennessee, and I chose to claim it as my own almost 3 years later. I speak a bit about this and much more in this recorded interview. You are invited to listen in as I share more personally about my journey and connection to Solarum.balcony_video2