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You have called us to you because
you ARE ready for more,
you ARE ready to create more powerfully,
you ARE ready for understandings
that you were not previously ready for.
~Solarum 2010

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You found your way here. I believe there is reason for that – sparks of resonance that guide us… love lights along our path.

Since 2009, I have been on an epic journey following the audible call of spirit – although I denied it, tried to get out of it, and even attempted to hide from it at times.

I may have been reluctant, but the ups and downs, the twists and turns, eventually led me to a beautiful space of belief, trust, awe, and great love.

This is to be my sacred space to share about my journey, my insights, and personal messages from spirit.
I have heard the call to share deeply with the realization that there are many of us who face a Calling to step forward into more, and yet we may respond with hesitancy, trepidation, fear – or outright refusal.

Maybe you will find some resonance with my journey, and the loving encouragement that spirit shares with me and through me.
Each time I have opened up to share from the greatest depths of my experience, my innermost personal journey, I have found a wellspring of love.

My intention is to share from my journey with Solarum: my personal experience, my personal connections, and my view from the Balcony.

*To explain what I mean by my “view from the Balcony…”

I serve as a verbal and vibrational conduit for Spirit (Solarum, One Who Is Plural).
When I connect with them, my consciousness steps back to allow them in, and the way I experience it is that “I” am placed in a “Balcony” (I see it as being up and behind my head) and the energy of Solarum sweeps down over me and onto “center stage.”

My perspective within the Connection, from the Balcony, is something that my dearest friends and those who connect with Solarum love to hear about, and this website will now be my sacred space for sharing.

I am not sure how this will unfold but I heard the call, and my faith in the call has grown so that I now say YES.

You are invited to listen in to this discussion with Udana and Julie Cusmariu, of Heartbeat internet Radio, to learn more about Udana’s journey with Solarum.

Blog: Udana's View from the Balcony

Udana shares her personal experience, connections, and insights from her journey with Solarum.

Udana’s view and Solarum’s messages are filled with loving encouragement and upliftment for all those who feel a calling to align with their personal mission in life.

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Following is a clip from one of the testimonials, please explore more on our Testimonials Page.

I feel that Solarum is the answer for those of us that want more. For those of us, that in serving ourselves, are serving the entire Universe in profound and deliberate ways.

I so appreciate you, Udana, for being the brilliant conduit that you are and for this wonderful group and those that are coming, who are calling forth more and more.

To me, Solarum is the perfect guide that is here to gently coax and tease us out of our resistant shells, to step into our own shining radiance, to firmly anchor the masculine/ feminine balance on earth and to help to bring it and those around us into the brilliant knowing of who we are and what we are capable of…. that’s just my two cents worth anyway.

Christy Mantese

Byron Bay, Australia